Michiana Pay It Forward Foundation

(formally Santa's Pantry)

Creating a Ripple Effect of Kindness in Todays Youth

Pay It Forward Grants

We speak to your youth oriented group and challenge them to think of something that will change the world and to act on it. They come up with an amazing idea. What next? Contact us!

We offer grants to students 18 years and younger to help turn their Pay It Forward ideas into reality. Grants MUST be filled out by the student. Adults can help with the financial part only. We want to hear in the students own words what their idea is all about. How will their idea impact our community and our world? How many will be impacted with their project? Will their project idea have a long term effect?

After receiving the grant request from your student, it will go to our board of directors for review. Unfortunaetly we are not able to provide grants for everyone. If approved, we will make arrangements to present the grant in person. Checks are written to the organization of which the student belongs to be used solely for that students project. Students will be required to fill out a project summary report after their project is completed.

If your organization has had us out to speak and you have a student that would like to submit a grant, please Contact Us Here