Michiana Pay It Forward Foundation

(formally Santa's Pantry)

Creating a Ripple Effect of Kindness in Todays Youth

It's All About Kindness!

The idea is simple, one person does something good for three other people. It doesn't have to be anything big. It can be as simple as saving grocery store bags for pantries or children giving their old toys to other children that do not have any. But you do something for three others. When they ask you how they can repay you, you tell them to "Pay it Forward" to three other people. So now the three people that you helped, will be helping nine others, creating a ripple effect of kindness!

A study conducted by researchers at Cambridge University, the University of Plymouth and the University of California LA, "found that seeing someone else help another person produced good feelings, which subsequently caused them to reach out and do something altruistic themselves." Further research by Dr. Michael Tomasello of the Max Planck Institute, "demonstrated that children begin to help others at an astonishingly early age. For example, a 14-month-old child seeing an adult experience difficulty, such as struggling to open a door because their hands are full, will automatically attempt to help. In other words, when we perform acts of kindness, we are being true to our own nature, and this naturally makes us feel good."

Are you ready to make others feel good? Make yourself feel good? Get your club or organization pumped up and inspired to Pay It Forward? Then contact us!! If you're within 20 miles from us we offer speakers for FREE!! (over 20 miles we ask for a donation) We speak to both youth oriented groups as well as adults. Who are we kidding? We'll talk to ANYONE about Paying It Forward because it's such a cool yet simple way that we're changing the world!

When our survey results show us that the majority of students nowadays have been bullied, don't believe the "No Bully" program works in schools and rate our world a "4" on a scale of 1 - 10 (1 being bad/10 great) when it comes to kindness, we have a job to do! We will do whatever it takes to show students that kindness still exsists!

Our speakers are high energy, and able to relate to students. They get students up and interacting with demonstrations. They share their own Pay It Forward story and ask students to share theirs. They share about kindness they saw that day and ask students to think about it and share what they also saw.

THEN.... we challenge the students! "Think of something to change the world and act on it." We want the students to "think outside the box" and get creative. How can they have an impact on our community and world? We explain that after they come up with their really awesome idea (and we know they will) to apply for our grant program to turn their idea into realty.
Our speaking engagements at adult groups are just as fun! Kindness is contagious and you're sure to catch the kindness bug after hearing our speakers!